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Bigger is a perfect EDC with one of the most common everyday objects - a lighter.

You point out the small BIC logo on the lighter and ask your audience if they can read it. You mention it would be easier to read if the logo were big. Instantly the logo amazingly becomes BIG, taking up the entire length of the lighter! You say let's go even bigger, and in the blink of an eye the lighter doubles in size and the logo also transforms a second time from 'BIG' to 'BIGGER'! The lighter can immediately be handed out for examination!

Bigger is stunning organic magic that's quick, insanely visual and easy to do, all achieved with minimal, very easy sleight of hand, taught by Chris James.

You will receive 2 sets of custom printed stickers (plus an extra something), so just supply your own lighters and you'll be ready to go!


"Amazing and amusing. This is what pocket magic is all about."
- David Regal

"Guaranteed to get a BIG reaction!"
- Nick Locapo

"Organic props and super visual magic. I will definitely be performing this. Love it!"
- Chris Congreave

"Fire is truly magical, and this routine will ignite a spark of astonishment in your act instantly. The visual transformation of the ink and the object creates a fantastic and intriguing illusion for your spectators."
- Joel Dickinson

"This is so commercial and always at the ready. A great EDC for anyone who loves performing at any moment."
- Lord Harri

"A delightful two-stage visual piece of magic with an everyday object... This isn't big... it's huge!"
- Steve Gore

"A wonderfully powerful but simple routine. I'm a huge fan of magic with everyday objects especially when it involves the magic happening in your audience's hand"
- James Keatley


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