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The perfect coin in Bottle, elegant, stylish and so easy to do by Mickaël Chatelain. A diabolical secret for a powerful effect. 

Bottle is easy to learn, and in no time at all, you'll be able to present this incredible effect. What is very strong here is that not only your spectators will witness the SIGHT penetration of the coin in the bottle, but also think of the sound impact that adds an additional emotional involvement totally unexpected and strong for the audience. And the best part is that you can give it all away at the end of your routine.

The impact of Bottle is strong enough to be presented as a single effect, but you can also include it in a more complete routine like a Matrix Coin or with a Three Fly with a surprising final, we give you all kinds of ideas in the explanation video. For performers, imagine getting this very special little vial that holds your most... special coins to a table and demonstrate it to prove it. Beginners, amateurs and professionals alike will find something to do with such an ingenious accessory in their hands.


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