Coffee Break

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Imagine a routine featuring a coffee cup and a signed bill. After a succession of magical "Chop Cup" type effects, your finale will reveal a hermetically sealed coffee capsule in which you will produce THE signed bill. Very high quality material. Pure genius signed Urbain & Gentlemen's Magic.

Coffee Break is no exception to this commitment to quality. This routine, inspired by Michael O'Brien's "Strolling Chop Cup", has been meticulously constructed to bring you maximum impact with almost no technical constraints. You'll always be one step ahead and never be caught off guard, even during the most dreaded moment: the final charge!

Forget your technical and boring Chop Cup routine and make way for Coffee Break! You'll blow your audience away with an ultra-slick signed bill travel routine using a simple espresso cup, where the final charge will be a fresh coffee capsule containing...Their signed bill!


First of all, all the objects used in this routine are not suspicious and never sound like a magician's "fake" material.

You have here a routine that you can perform in any environment, noisy or not.

Coffee Break will work perfectly with a tabletop stand or vertical magic.

Emotion is at the heart of the Coffee Break effect because when the ticket literally appears in the spectator's hands, his amazement will be read on his face, this emotion is indescribable with the simple words: Unforgettable Memory Guaranteed.

Finally a final charge that makes sense: The coffee capsule has all the reasons in the world to appear

In addition to an ultra-complete Professional Kit, ready to provide you with a hundred performances, you will have the right to a very detailed tutorial by URBAIN Himself! Everything will be broken down so that you can quickly present this miracle without sweating. As a bonus you will even learn a variation that will allow you to avoid having to borrow a ticket from your spectator and other tips on how to integrate sugars in your initial routine and other convincers.


- "Chop Cup" espresso cup

-  special coffee spoon

- Gimmick capsule

- 3 special sugars

- 100 aluminum lids (refills easily found and economical)

- A link for the 35 minutes tutorial in English


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