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Over a decade ago the original EXTRACTOR was released to immediate worldwide acclaim; then a while later the EXTRACTOR GOLD came along with extra tips, ideas and a crucial way to take your gimmick apart to change the box.

Well now we proudly present the E2 - the most significant step forward for what David Blaine called "One of the most amazing devices in card magic ever!"

"The Extractor E2"allows you to quickly and easily adapt the gimmick into ANY brand of playing cards you choose to use - no more restrictions or costly custom gimmicks!

The new and improved gimmick is painstakingly HAND CRAFTED and allows you to switch the gimmick to your preferred design or preferred colour or any  Poker sized box in just a few minutes with no mess or glue! (full reboxing instructions are included on the video)

Even better, you can now pull the "cards" out of the box a little way to allow easier return of the selection by the spectator as well as that little extra convincer... hey who are we kidding... that's a pretty HUGE convincer!

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different colour - IN THE CORRECT POSITION and choose which brand of poker cards you install your gimmick into?

If you answered YES then you need the E2 in your life and REMEMBER the Praise for the Extractor Principle:

"The Extractor is one of the most incredible devices I have ever seen in card magic" 

David Blaine

"For the first time in years I was like a laymen again....totally fooled! This will catch you and your spectator's way off guard. It's like a magical sock in the teeth!" 

Richard Sanders

"AWESOME, man. Just amazing." 

Ben Harris

"The Extractor is an extremely powerful tool. If you can’t think of spectator-crushing uses for this, then you’re just not trying!" 

John Lovick

"The Extractor uses Daryl’s methodology to create one of the greatest utility devices for card magic I have ever seen" 

David Regal


 1. Because of the simple yet ingenious design and construction of the E2 gimmick you can now use the Extractor with almost any design Poker Sized deck, adapting the gimmick in only a few minutes!

2. Because of the E2 design the gimmick can also be partially removed from the box giving an even greater illusion of it being a regular deck.

The Extractor E2 comes with the 2 Extractor Gold Instant download which include so many reputation making effects, Including

  • Signed Card to Pocket
  • Signed Card (in position) To Sealed Deck
  • Card to Shoe
  • And many more!



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