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A stunning two-step routine for two spectators. A journey to discover the power of the mind's suggestion, of free choices and the bizarre coincidences of destiny.

First part

Two spectators freely tear two lucky coupons like those of the "seer automatons" at amusement parks and each reads the fate that fate has reserved for him. Show shuffled cards depicting the Sun and Moon and divide into two piles: one face up, the other face down. Each spectator freely draws seven cards, freely choosing whether to draw each card from one pile, from the other or a little from one and a little from the other. The cards freely chosen by each spectator will correspond to the sequence of suns and moons represented on the lucky coupon taken previously.

Second part

The Sun and Moon cards are shuffled by the spectators and returned: no one can know the random order of the cards. He shows each spectator one card at a time with his back covered, asking them to hypothesize, thanks to their intuition, whether it is a Sun or Moon card. Each card is always placed on the table with its back. After a few cards you will show by turning the cards how each spectator's intuition was actually correct: the Sun cards are all Sun and the hypothesized Moon cards are really all Moon

What the package contains:

  • a set of fire-antiqued papers with Sun and Moon
  • a linen card bag
  • a set of 24 lucky coupons in German
  • the link to the video instructions (in English) 


  • extremely simple to perform, no manipulation is required
  • the story, the coupons and the cards help to create a truly original and mysterious imagery
  • coupons can be left as souvenirs (it will be a truly appreciated gift)
  • the coupons lend themselves to a series of cold readings…

Attention: the refills included in the package are in German


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