Plane Cards | Mario Raso

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A fun and colorful "do like me" routine that is very easy to perform and present! Spectator and magician each shuffle a deck of cards with different colored backs. After cutting the deck at any point, they each take a card and place it face down on the table without looking at it.

Two open envelopes are then shown which will be checked by the Spectator who ensures their authenticity. Everyone inserts their chosen card without looking at it into their envelope which will then be attached to a plane which will make it "travel to the other's destination". Once the planes have been exchanged, the Spectator and the Magician will extract the cards from the envelopes and discover that they have chosen... the same card!

From the creative mind of Mario Raso here is an effect with many interesting features:

  • fun and colourful
  • routine and presentation included
  • very easy to do
  • very clean
  • fast reset
  • use any deck of cards (cards are not included)

Plane Cards is co-produced by La Servente.


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