The Last Rise| Andrew

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Rising card effects have always amazed the audience.

How this deck could be haunted and make one playing card coming out of the deck without suspicious move?!

With The Last Rise, you will be able to perform this wonderful effect without electronic system, without manipulation, and with no risk of breaking ITR or else during your show.

You take the cards from the box and show it to the spectator, asking him to think about one playing card. After getting back the cards into the tuck and some magical gestures, the thought and named card begins to rise ! Everything is under your control. That’s a miracle !

Instantly reset your trick and do it again with another card.

3 routines are included with the video explanations.

Andrew has created an high quality gimmick which will follow you anytime everywhere ! A Bicycle branded tuck specially made by hand by his team, strong enough to make you to be concentrated only on a powerfull presentation.

Strong points

  • Bicycle tuck made by hand
  • Instant reset
  • Do it several times with different cards
  • Available in blue or red
  • No electronic system and No ITR
  • Everything is under your control, the card rises when you decide !


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