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Henry Harrius proudly present Cube Maestro. The legendary routines from Evgeniy Karelin are finally released!

Rumours about Karelin’s cube work started floating around on the internet around 2018 and have since captured Henry’s attention. During IFM 2019 Russia, we finally got to witness the legend performing his masterpiece live. With the mindset of an actual professional cuber, the techniques and methods he devises will fool every single magician on the planet!


You will learn :
1. The Algorithm
Evgeniy’s signature routine. With only one ordinary cube, you can solve a randomly named color behind your back multiple times, and still end with a surprising magical solve as a grand finale.

2. The Supermatch
Henry‘s favourite. The strongest and easiest matching effect you can do with two ordinary cubes! Claiming you have incredible muscle memory, you mimic memorizing every step of how your spectator mixes a cube. You are then able to pick up another cube and perfectly replicating it. Best of all, it is incredibly easy!

3. The Sweet Routine
The spectator mixes up a mini cube and placed it in the mini box so that you couldn’t see anything. You then take a large cube and match the exact pattern. You can then solve the large cube in any magical solve. You can perform the above routine with no sleights whatsoever and end this routine with the famous “Mini Cube to Chocolate” (The needed "RD Mini Shell Set" and "Mini Cube to Chocolate" are not provided with the set).

Evgeniy’s Brilliant Competition Act (Performance Only)
Mysterious Easter Egg

*Video performances and algorithms are included and explained clearly with QR code links.


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