Card Generation Insta | Michael Shaw - (Download)

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It looks like CGI, but it's not: this is Card Generation Insta, your new favorite social media effect. Wrap a rubber band around your card box, give it a shake, and a folded playing appears. It appears so fast that it looks like a camera trick!

Card Generation Insta uses absolutely NO gimmicks, is easy to learn, and will give you a fresh, hyper-visual moment to add to your social media clips.

The over-30 minute download includes in-depth explanation to help you make your card appearance as visual and striking as it deserves to be. The bonus section includes routine ideas, including two ways to make a selection vanish from the deck and reappear on the banded box- signed and unsigned, and a way to integrate Card Generation Insta into an ambitious card routine.

Give yourself the edge by adding something fresh and new to your social media performances. Pick up Card Generation Insta today to blow the minds of your online audience.


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