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Messija is a booklet that contains various propless approaches to obtain information from a spectator using the fingers of their hand under the guise of esoteric palmistry. First of all, you will learn how to force a colour or item from any category of your choice. This can then be used as a 'jumping off' point to reveal other information or as a way to give a reading which is relevant to the spectator's life situation.

You don't need to give a reading to perform the effects taught in this booklet.

Fraser will then show you how to secretly obtain any thought of letter using the fingers of the spectator's hand. This can be used to get thought of names, images or numbers. He will also teach a more direct version which will allow you to get thought of letters, as well as accurately guess the date of birth and star sign of your spectator, effortlessly.

He will also share a version using playing cards.

Each method has purposefully been made as streamline and efficient as possible. It is incredibly easy for the spectator to follow along with your instructions. In fact, these methods rely on actions we have all been doing since childhood.


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