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Introducing The Magician: A Treasure Trove for South African Magic Enthusiasts!

Step into the enchanting world of magic with The Magician - the ultimate magic magazine for South African magicians! From January 1994 to June 1996, the legendary Wolfgang Riebe, a renowned South African magician, captivated the magic community with his bi-monthly publication.

This wasn't just any magazine - The Magician featured contributions from both national and international magicians, delivering the latest global magic news and cutting-edge tricks. Now, for the first time, you can own the entire collection in one stunning 500+ page book!

Why You Need This Book:
  • Historic Insights: Dive into a pivotal period in South African magic history, curated by one of the best in the business.
  • Global Perspectives: Learn from top magicians worldwide with articles and features that transcend borders.
  • Endless Inspiration: Over 500 pages of tips, tricks, and magical wisdom that will ignite your creativity and enhance your skills.
Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting your magical journey, The Magician is an invaluable addition to your collection. Unveil the secrets that inspired a generation of South African magicians and be part of the magic revolution!


Al Smith: UK | Alexandr Salifonov: Ukraine | Basil Horwitz: SA | Bernard H. Williams: Zimbabwe | Bob Gill: UK | Colin McRory: SA | Dave Campbell: UK | Dennis Sergeant: SA | Elof Gribwagen: UK | Francois De Kock: SA | Hans Trixer: Zimbabwe | Hector Torres: Chile | Henrik Bothe: Hawaii | Henrique: UK | Jack Stephens: UK | Jack Yates: SA | Ken Brooke: UK | Margin: SA | Martin Breese: UK | Nigel Fabergow: SA | Patrick Van Almelo: SA | Peter Masters: UK | Peter Warlock: UK | Phil Goldstein: USA | Richard Stupple: UK | Stephen Howe: UK | T.A. Waters: USA | Thys Van Der Merwe: SA | Tom Sellers: UK | Wolfgang Riebe: SA

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