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Paul Curry begleitet mich schon seit Beginn meiner Karriere. Ob es "Out of This World" oder „Charm of Luck“ bei den Kartentricks sind oder Seiltricks oder Münztricks, oder…, oder…,oder… Irgendwas ist immer von Paul Curry.

Dieses 400 Seiten starke Buch sollte in keiner ernsthaften Zauberbibliothek fehlen, denn es enthält das komplette Schaffen von Paul Curry. Ein Künstler und Erfinder von Kunststücken die auch heute noch Inspiration und Quelle für gute Magie ist.



Do you remember the first time you saw Paul Curry's "Out of This World" performed? Do you remember how badly it fooled you? Know now that you can own a book full of such magic by the only man who could imagine it.

In Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond you will find the original version of "Out of This World", which some still consider the best of the many variations that have been devised. You will also find all the other Curry classics, "Touch", "The Sliding Knot", "Open Prediction", "The Color-changing Deck", "Never in a Lifetime", "The Power of Thought", "Probability Zero" and "IOU".

But these are just the beginning. Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond contains original Curry card sleights, including his turnover change, and almost seventy tricks and routines that would have brought back that feeling of complete amazement "Out of This World" aroused in you-had you seen them performed before you read their secrets. Now you can arouse the same sense of astonishment in others, when you perform the other-worldly magic of Paul Curry.

ISBN: 978-0-945296-36-2

Pages 400 - Hardbound with Dust jacket


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