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The crochet balls that come with this set are RED in color. / The flannel bag that comes with this set is BLUE in color.

The redesigned TCC Presents Cups & Balls 2.0, which has been out of stock for a year.

On November 11, 2018, we released Cups and Balls 1.0, which has been well-received since its release.

On November 11, 2019, Cups and Balls 2.0 was released, a completely new upgrade from 1.0, featuring Michael Ammar and his awesome routine.

The details of the newly returned Artistic Cups & Balls 2.0  have been further improved.

  • We darkened the finish on the surface again, giving it a more handmade texture.
  • The polishing of the surface has been optimized to a better tactile quality.
  • Based on feedback, the shoulder bead has reverted to the rounded design. Although the edges and corners can increase grip, the rounded shoulder beads will feel softer and more delicate.

Cups And Balls by TCC
As one of the most representative of all the magic routines, the Cups and Balls combine almost all the magic effects in one routine: vanishes, transpositions, penetrations, even transformations, and more. Taking more than two years of passion and sincerity,TCC has finally made one of the most excellent Cups and Balls set.

About the cup
The Cup was made of superior brass, firm and durable with a good antioxidant effect which allows you to use it for a long time.
The classic look has a retro style. The cup is colored with quench, the surface is bronzed.

About the ball
Pure hand knitting RED yarn with a solid wood ball inside to reach a moderate weight for manipulation. The ball also fits the classic cup perfectly.

Flannelette bags
Almost all the magicians were attracted to Tommy Wonder’s CUPS AND BALLS ROUTINE, especially the misdirection of the flannelette bags.TCC Cups And Balls also contains a BLUE bag made by the special flannelette fabrics. 

The packaging
The opening of the box is consistent with the unboxing of the iPhone. Exquisite packaging for both collection and display.


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