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This is a set of playing cards full of mystery, over 6 months of creation for a realistic painting. Lifelike goddesses, allowing you to enjoy the details in each card. The card box is embossed with extreme precision, and the wings stretched out on the flap of the card box represent the magical wings of the goddess.

The back design shows a mysterious star array. The dark and deep night sky circulates the stars, while the seemingly scattered stars have a destined position, forming the most mysterious astrolabe of the universe. There is no white border, but it has a gleaming blue frame, which enriches the visual effect of flower cutting.

Number cards begin to struggle in this Mysterious Journey. Although they are no longer their original appearance, different suits can still be seen. The numbers on the corner marks are also like abbreviations from the royal family in the Middle Ages, full of classical charm.

Kings and Queens of different races gather in the court cards, pure hand-painted original paintings, showing a mysterious and vast new world, and you, as the master of this deck, only need to call in a soft voice to find your heroic followers!

The Aces in Mystery Journey is based on the tarot card and has its own special meaning.

When the mysterious journey comes to the end, you will see two Jokers that have been abstracted. You can find the traces of the goddess of the card box without having to look closely. They are restored to the most classic substances: water and fire.

The Mystery Journey is meticulously printed by Hong Kong MPC Company. The excellent texture restores the exquisiteness of the original painting, and the skilled craftsmanship helps everyone create a perfect texture.

Printed with MPC (MakePlayingCards) with their new linen air light stock & beta finish.


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