Naabi Playing Cards

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Visit Seoul, South Korea and you will see modern skyscrapers standing next to grand palaces dating back centuries. Traditional street markets sit blocks away from high-end boutiques, and artifacts of the past coexist with technologies of the future. It's a city where old meets new, east meets west, and tradition meets innovation. Seoul refuses to be defined by a label, and so does this deck - NAABI Playing Cards.

Naabi, the phonetic pronunciation of butterfly in Korean, symbolizes vibrance and beauty. The word is also on the back design in the style of Korean calligraphy. The traditional script superimposed on a minimalistic gradient design imitates the coexistence of old and new. The broken border creates an eye-catching line during fans and spreads, making it the perfect deck for cardists and magicians alike.

The tuck and back designs are inspired by the night skyline of Seoul and its harmony of modern and traditional architecture. Eye-catching pure cyan and magenta gradients are used against a dark navy background to capture the distinct colors of the city's shining lights. Along the right side of the tuck are the four trigrams found in the Korean flag, symbolizing justice, fruition, wisdom and vitality. Written on the left side are the coordinates of Seoul.

The number cards and Aces feature custom 3D suits with dynamic blur. Center-aligned pips and a bold custom font finish off a unique, never-before-seen look.


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