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In keeping with our Can O’ Corn tradition we have also made a series of Can O’ effects, including Can O’ Peanuts, Can O’ Chips and more.

Imagine producing a borrowed ring, marked coin? or producing a signed playing card from a SEALED container of PEANUTS!

Collectors’ Workshop has taken the Can O’ Corn gimmick and modified it so that you can now have the same effect with a container of Peanuts. Any similar-sized container of peanuts can be used.

The performer borrows a spectator’s ring. The object is caused to vanish and as a consolation gift the performer offers the spectator a Can O’ Peanuts. The spectator unseals the can and sees that it contains salted peanuts, ALONG WITH HIS RING! The seal has NOT been broken and the effect is as strong as it gets with our masterful gimmick.

Can be used over and over; all you do is supply the container. Container can be examined before the effect and no trace of any tampering is visible. You can perform this within minutes of receiving and can it be performed any where any time. A guaranteed winner.

The gimmick will fit just about any peanut container of 8.5oz. as well as the new Nacho Cheese containers and more! No special tools needed to set up a new container other than an Exacto knife. Our brass gimmick will last a lifetime.

NOTE: We reserve the right to send either the Peanut container or the Nacho Chip container, as inventory allows. The gimmick will work with either container and can be used with any similar product. Notice the additional photo where we show you an assortment of cans. Once you purchase our effect, you can use any number of cans that are available in your area.


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