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This large 328-page book has become a classic of magic literature. Contemporary entertainers will find concise explanations of prized secrets from multi-award winning magician and lecturer, Michael Ammar. This book is the absolute best of Michael Ammar all in one volume. You'll learn:

  • 6 commercial stand-up routines
  • 12 powerful utility sleights and devices
  • 4 reputation making routines
  • 8 thought provoking philosophical essays
  • 6 practical effects for casual situations
  • Michael's Stand Up Cups and Balls routine
  • 13 entertaining routines for restaurant performances
  • 12 additional bonus items
  • plus "Making Your Magic Memorable" and "How You Can Negotiate Higher Performance Fees" and much much more!
"Michael has studied human experiences, in the same way a scientist tries to unlock the secrets of nature. Ethereal topics such as impact, wonder and amazement have been dissected, crystallized and articulated. You'll find these performance instights sprinkled through the technical explanations in this book. The end result is a book that doesn't just teach, but also inspires. In the magic industry, Michael is truly the magician's magician. Fortunately, he is also one of magic's best teachers."
- David Copperfield

328 pages, over 500 illustrations, 6 profitable self-management forms, ready to use!


Introduction by David Copperfield
Foreword by Michael Ammar
Preface by Mike Maxwell

CHAPTER ONE: Cups & Balls
Stand-up Cups & Balls
The Dai Vernon Wand Spin

CHAPTER TWO: Utilities
Retention Vanish
Amazing Coin Vanish by Rick Anderson
Fingertip Coin Vanish by John Carney
Ultimate One-Finger Spellbound
Corner Switch
Bottom Deal Force
Wiped Clean #1
Wiped Clean #2
Clip Card Vanish
Cut And Restored Rope Replacement
Side Steal
Thumbtip Finesse

CHAPTER THREE: Eight Philisophical Essays On Magic
In The Men's Hut
Super Group
I've Got Rhythm
The Unspoken Performance
Lying: The Unconscious Dilution Of Impact
Get More Rubals From Your Magic
I'm In Training
Have No Mercy

CHAPTER FOUR: Social Workers
This'll Flip You Out
Coin On Ceiling
Card Matrix
Snort But Sweet by Bob Chesebro
Silver Certificate by Lou Gallo
Coin In Pen Cap by David Williamson

CHAPTER FIVE: Restaumnts
New Wave Coins Across by Mike Gallo
Reverse Matrix by Davld Williamson
The Vanishing Glass
Coins Through Table Kicker by Mike Gallo
Now Cut That Out by David Williamson
Switching Sandwiches
Torn And Restored Cigarette #1
Torn And Restored Cigarette #2
Ring Band-It
Did You Order Salt Or Pepper
Bluefield Debut
Broken And Restored Rubber Band Finesse
The Linking Headbands Pinch

CHAPTER SIX: Reputation Makers
Pencil Thru Quarter (wifh Trade Show Climax)
The Iceman Cometh
Card Cubes
Let's Hit The Bottle

Silk To Egg
Indoor Baseball
Signed Bill In Light Bulb
Billy. The Hypnotized Balloon
The Two Card Trick
Haley's Comet

CHAPTER EIGHT: Magic Management
Custom Cue Sheets
Show Sheets
Personal Project Planner
Booking Sheets

CHAPTER NINE: Classic Renditions
The Thumbtip Bill Switch
The Crazy Man's Handcuffs

CHAPTER TEN: Bonus Chapter
False Count With Coins
Multiple Coin Production
Double Color Change
Inversion by James Lewis
Incredible Coins Across
The Vernon Theory Of Artistic Advancement: An Essay by Michael Ammar
Challenging Your Experiences: An Essay by Michael Ammar
Where Do You Stand?: An Essay by Michael Ammar
On Magic Competition - Part One: Technical Preparation
On Magic Competition - Part Two: Mental Preparation
Pencil Thru Quarter Finesse by David Williamson

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Making MagicMemorable
The Development Of Style
Eight Principles For Making Magic Memorable

CHAPTER TWELVE: Negotiating Higher Performance Fees
The Three Stages Of Negotiation
Nine Gambits


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