Platinum Bill in Lemon | Dominik

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The magician borrows a banknote and asks a spectator to sign it. He folds it and puts it underneath a hanky that is then given to the spectator to hold. The magician then hands to the spectator a cloth bag to hold onto in his other hand.

After a moment the magician displays the hanky, showing that the banknote has completly vanished! Next the sealed bag is opened and from it is taken out a sealed plastic transparent bag. From this is taken a lemmon that is completly encircled with tin-foil. Having taken also the tin-foil away, the magician cuts the lemon open, and inside it finds... the spectator s signed banknote!

The famous magician Silvan has called this “The best bill or card in Lemon I have seen in my life”

•We supply you a precision made gimmick for making the note appear in a lemmon (or other fruit). The gimmick is innovative and easy to use.
• The bags and the tin-foil are absolutely normal. For vanishing the bill you can use your favourite method.
• Supplied is an instructional video download. Although this is in Italian, it is easy to understand how the gimmick and routine works.
• Instead of a banknote you could use a signed playing card half of wich is left in the spectators hands and the other half magically reappears in the fruit.


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