Magnetic Card Box

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A card is selected by the spectator from a deck of cards. The card is returned and lost in the deck. The magician then fans the deck of cards face down and draws out a card from the middle of the fan. Without looking at the face of the card the magician places the face down card into the box and closes the same. But during this operation the spectators get a glance of the face of the card and they'll know it's not that choice. However, after a magical gesture, the box is opened and the chosen card is inside the box!

• The box, made of wood, has been designed for the use of poker size playing cards, though the bridge size cards will also work.
• Of course the box can also be used for other effects such as exchanging notes, restoring a torn playing card, etc.

MAGNEY from Di Fatta Magic on Vimeo.


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