Unbelievalope 2.0 | Jeff Kaylor

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The ultimate envelope prediction. The ultimate card to impossible location.
A prediction is clearly in view inside of an envelope window. It could be a note, a playing card, a bill, or billet. It can then be switched - undetected, seamlessly, and invisibly. The spectator can be burning your hands - and they still won’t see it happen!

Imagine this: Your audience sees a playing card inside of the envelope window, in full view the entire performance. A participant selects and signs ANY card, then it vanishes completely from the deck. The one card that has been in view since the very beginning is taken out of the envelope - in the fairest way possible - and it is THEIR signed card.

Or imagine this: Multiple random spectators name anything - destinations, activities, numbers - and everything is revealed in a prediction that’s been visible the entire time.

Unbelievalopes are made out of durable kraft paper and thick plastic so that they last. It's ready to use right out of the package, with no assembly required! It’s a tool in your arsenal that packs small, but plays MASSIVE! It’s so versatile, you can use it as a closer, an opener, or mind-blowing confabulation - and it’s perfect for both live and online shows.

Unbelievalope 2.0 includes a brand-new index system, with the ability to index 13 different card or prediction options. Includes everything you need to start performing right away, including a 20 minute all-new training video with unrivaled, expert instruction by Jeff Kaylor.


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