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Mentalists have searched for years looking for the perfect peek and input device. Today, with all of the magic apps available, finding the right peek or input tool is precisely what is needed to create miracles.

Incognito has been an integral part of Michael's success in stage and close-up shows around Europe for the past ten years. Previously only known to a small Facebook group of professionalperformers worldwide, Incognito is now ready to be a part of your mentalism show.

Incognito is a super cool, ultra-organic, and wonderfully deceptive peek tool used with any cellphone. It looks like an ordinary sketchpad but actually contains a hidden compartment that allows access to your cellphone in a fraction of a second.

Imagine knowing exactly what your spectator is thinking vis-à-vis your favorite app. They won't have a clue how you knew.

The black spiral-bound sketchpad with raw white pages and a hard black cover contains a camouflaged shell that looks exactly as it should. Peek or input information into your favorite app. Receive instant messages from an assistant right in front of your participants. They won't suspect anything. The package contains one gimmicked sketchpad and one refill sketchpad. Additional refills may be purchased separately.
Maximum phone dimensions allowed : width 109 mm - depth 10 mm - length 181 mm

"Holy Sh!t Brilliant idea."
- Justin Miller

"An incredible and indiscernible peek device. I wish I had thought of it."
- Astor - Astor Magic

"Technology has become the staple of my show. The issue is always peaking information and inputting it. I use Incognito for every show. I actually own two! Either way, it makes technology seem invisible. The best thing to happen to cellphone magic."
- Scott Xavier

"It is simply beautiful. I will use it with CUPP and other apps."
- Jean-Baptiste Clement


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