Inferno Playing Cards

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Dante's Divina Commedia is the second most influential work of World Literature. He tells the reader about his journey through hell (INFERNO) where he meets some of the most famous characters of Christianity, Greek Mythology medieval Europe (Cain, Lucifer, Julius Caesar, Cerberus, Attila the Hun etc.). Inferno Playing Cards offers you an easy visual journey through Dante's work. You won't even have to read his 600 page book to proudly tell everyone, YOU know DANTE!

Main features:
  • Asymmetrical courts (2 sides of same character: how they were in life & their eternal punishment)
  • Cold foiled Card fronts
  • Gold foiled Card backs
  • Gold foiled Tuck box
  • 2 extra cards (combine with jokers + jokers of upcoming decks to one big 12-diptych image)


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