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The Jerry O'Connell Mini Himber Peek Wallet is the thinnest and easiest Himber to handle on the magic market today and as with all Jerry O'Connell's leather products, this is made of the very highest quality leather.

About 1956 to 1957, Richard Himber used a leather wallet to do an effect, which he called, Bill-Fooled using a play on the American word Billfold. The basic construction of this type of wallet has not changed over the years and has become known as a “Himber”.

You can Peek what is placed into this Himber through a clear film window. The top pocket goes through to the other interior. It is also deep enough to hide a poker size card on one side only. Anything placed in here will show reversed in the other interior, after the turn over switch.  The corner pockets are deliberately cut in the centre to allow paper items to display flatter when held in only one of the corners this also helps left handlers.  

Do not over fill these wallets; it will effect its alignment. You will notice that all the hinges are silk, not leather, making it so very easy to open and close. Use my Gesture Change, it’s a very natural easy move. The grain of the leather will have something that will stand out on one side, so that you can identify which side is which. I suggest The Mini Himber is kept in the jacket’s top hanky pocket.  

The O’Connell Gesture Change
Open the wallet to display the interior in the Left hand, close it by bending the left Hand Fingers to bring the Right side onto the Left side as you make a simple upward gesture. To open the wallet, let the wallet  slide towards the Finger tips as the Thumb reaches over to open it at the Right edge. When opened again, the item has vanished or changed. For practice purposes it may be helpful to identify one of the insides, as Inside A.  Start with the closed wallet laying flat on your open L/H. Open it with the R/Thumb  from R to L, to show the interior. Close it with the L/H Fingers from R to L, this establishes the actions of always opening from R to L, and closing from R to L.  Ask the helper to make a magical sign over the closed wallet. Open it with the R/Thumb from L to R, show it has changed. Now perform the Gesture Change, as the wallet is lying open on the L/H fingers and thumb. I prefer to have the thicker section on my L/Palm so that you open and close the thinner side (corner pockets side).                                                

The L/fingers closes the R/side of the wallet, onto the L/side of the wallet as the L/arm bends at the elbow creating a tilting gesture. Say to the helper “Please show some more enthusiasm” as you lower the L/arm back to its original position with the close the wallet. The R/hand demonstrates a magical sign for the helper to copy over the closed wallet. When the wallet is opened again with the L/Thumb from R to L. it has changed. The whole process of closing and turning over the wallet must be smooth and natural. All you are apparently doing is making a simple gesture with the wallet as you ask the helper to “Please show some more magical enthusiasm” This gesture is really an acted show of frustration, but please smile as the wallet is lifted up. When you master this move it looks and feels as though you haven’t even made a turnover, you will fool yourself.
 If you require some help, give me a ring, I’ll be happy to help you with anything you may not have understood from these instructions.  
The patter shown here is very basic, I do not suggest you use it, let your own style and personality shine through.
Enjoy, Jerry O’Connell

The dimensions of the wallet whilst closed is 125 mm x 77 mm.




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