Super Quick Cube | Syouma & Takamiz Usui

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"An eye candy effect by the father of modern Rubik's cube magic. An instantaneous solve both deceptive and easy to perform technical wise. A great catchy opener for your Rubik's cube routine" - Pipo Villanueva

"This is the most Visual & Practical cube solve, created by the most Legendary cube Magician of all time!" - Nicholas Lawrence

"Yet another devious idea from the grandmaster of cubes!" - John Michael Hinton

As performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! The master of the Rubik’s Cube is back with one of the fastest and most visual solves you can do. Created by the undisputed pioneer of Rubik’s Cube Magic this simple gimmick will allow you to go from chaos to order in the blink of an eye. This is Super Quick Cube by Syouma and Takamiz Usui.

Super Quick Cube comes with an examinable Rubik’s Cube that hides an amazing secret, and a gimmick that hides in plain sight. If this is your first entry into Rubik’s Cube magic you’ll learn some of the techniques behind some of the most visual magic ever to appear on Fool Us. If you’re a seasoned pro, this will pump up the wow factor in your visual Rubik’s Cube restorations.

To learn how to use this amazing gimmick, you get expert instruction on how to perform this effect from Nick Locapo in English. As a bonus, we have included complete instructions in Japanese from Takamiz Usui. In addition to the ultra visual solve, you also learn an amazing sympathetic cube routine where another cube isolated in a bag matches the cube you solve. As easy to do as it is fun to perform, this is a magical puzzle that just can’t miss. This is Super Quick Cube by Syouma and Takamiz Usui.


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