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Although originally released in November 2022 and intended to be used as a Digital Advent Calendar for those interested in Hypnosis, in truth the contents of this download package are essential viewing for all Hypnotists & Hypnotism Students whatever time of year it is and represent remarkable value for money as to buy the contents within this package individually would usually cost you many times this tiny price.

We are however Confident that after studying the contents of this 6.26GB download zip file which contains within it 26 Zip files (intended to be opened one a day from 1st December through to Christmas Day 25th December with a Bonus one for Boxing Day included also) that the vast majority of you will then wish to explore and invest into many of our more higher level Hypnosis, Mentalism & Related training packages.

By way of the 26 Zip Files you will gain access to many hours of step by Step Training Videos and also detailed written training manuals and even some Electronic Hypnotic Gimmicks covering all areas of using Hypnosis for Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism & even Mind Therapy Style Hypnotherapy purposes.

And of course along the way you will also learn how to combine Hypnotic Techniques with Magic & Mentalism as well as how to create "Real Magic" by helping people to Overcome Their Fears, Phobias, Habits and Addictions using Rapid Hypnosis Mind Therapy Secrets.

The contents of the 26 days of content are:

Day 1 - Fast Track Hypnosis Success Video & Bumper Training Manual A
Day 2 - Arm Spin Hypnotic Induction Video
Day 3 - Body Flop Hypnotic Induction Video
Day 4 - Craig Williams Microphone Induction Video
Day 5 - Eyes follow Thumb Suggestion Convincer Video
Day 6 - Falling Backwards Drop-Back Induction Video
Day 7 - Falling Forwards Rapid Induction Video
Day 8 - Finger Stare Hypnotic Induction Video
Day 9 - Magnetic Fingers Hypnotic Convincer Video
Day 10 - Handwave & Handshake Hypnotic Induction Videos
Day 11 - Light & Heavy Hands Hypnotic Convincer Test Video
Day 12 - Locked Eyes Rapid Hypnotic Induction Test Video
Day 13 - Locked Hands Over Face Induction Video
Day 14 - Rubber Legs Hypnotic Induction Video
Day 15 - Seated Handshake & Hand Stare Induction Videos
Day 16 - Rob Temple's See-Saw Hypnotic Induction Video
Day 17 - Tom Bolton's 60 Second CALM Induction Video
Day 18 - World Record High Speed Hypnosis Induction Video
Day 19 - Hypnotic Locked Hands Variations Video
Day 20 - Secrets Hypnotic Gizmo Discs Video & Special Gimmicks
Day 21 - Royle Hypnosis Secrets Selection Box Video
Day 22 - The Butterfly Hypnosis Mind Therapy Techniques Package
Day 23 - Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Success Revealed Video
Day 24 - Hypnosis Tricks for Hypnotists, Magicians & Mentalists Book
Day 25 - Two Complete Hypnosis Course Manuals & 4 Hour Video
Day 26 - Bonus Access to Training from over 100+ Hypnosis Experts & Royle Road to Fork, Spoon & Metal Bending Video

Whether a complete Hypnosis Novice or an Experienced Professional we can guarantee that you will learn tons within this download package that is worth many times your small investment.

So remember whatever time of year it is, the Hypnotists, Mentalists & Mind Therapists Christmas Advent Calendar is something you would be extremely wise to order today.


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