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Use a borrowed phone as an ATM machine!

Really I shouldn't be giving this effect away! I am having way too much fun performing With-Draw!...But who am I to stop you from having a good time?

So you are the go to guy for the unusual and you are also addicted to making gimmicks?

Here's one more gimmick to add to your collection!

This gimmick looks like it fell off the back of a U.F.O, But here's the good news, It's easy to use, easy and easy to make!

Borrow any:
Gum Pack
Deck of Cards
or even Someone's Shoe!

And begin to SLOWLY print, in a unique way, a note, bill or prediction from the side of their item!
Right before their eyes!

"Now that's a Ingenious Gimmick"
- Jesse Cohon Global Mentalist

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